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Berghaus clothing company artwork

Berghaus clothing company website featuring my work – see the painting here.

I was recently commissioned by the outdoor clothing company Berghaus to produce some original artwork for their 2018/2019 #timetogetout advertising campaign. They needed four original oil paintings featuring mountainous landscapes, to be used across all types of advertising media.

Here’s the campaign as described by Chris Tattersall, head of brand management at Berghaus:

“A major new brand advertising campaign by Berghaus breaks across the UK today. Rolled out through a mix of mainstream national media, the ‘Time to Get Out’ campaign signals a new direction for the brand. Designed to build a strong emotional connection with consumers, it addresses the stress of modern society and offers a solution.

Using a series of playful and witty executions, ‘Time to Get Out’ urges consumers to escape from the never-stop-always-on daily grind of modern life to the outdoors, with Berghaus positioned as the brand that takes them on the journey.

The campaign combines specially commissioned paintings of the outdoors with messages that challenge people, by calling out the superficial things that everyone does on a daily basis and presenting an alternative that benefits mental and physical wellbeing.

Berghaus is using a series of original paintings, created for the campaign by up and coming UK artists Steve Playdell-Pearce, Kitty Cooper, Dot Jupitus, Chris Chalk and Tom Marsh, and juxtaposed with a selection of provocative messages, such as:”

“Stuck in meetings about meetings?”

“Is clicking ‘Next Episode’ the most exercise you’ve done today?”

“Can’t decide which emoji to use?”

Each creative execution signs off with the ‘Time to Get Out’ strapline.”

— Chris Tattersall, head of brand management at Berghaus


Berghaus time to get out bus stop artwork

See my work on the advertising screens throughout the UK – see the painting here.


Keswick mountain festival artwork

My work on Berghaus advertisements & promotion posters at the Keswick mountain festival.


Berghaus women's clothing website artwork

My artwork on the Berghaus website – see the painting here.


Berghaus twitter page artwork

Berghaus Twitter page promoting their women’s Tephra Reflect Jacket, featuring my work.



Berghaus Twitter

The Berghaus Twitter feed promoting their Nunat Reflect Jacket, featuring my work.


Berghaus artwork on Facebook

Berghaus Facebook page promoting the Keswick Mountain Festival, featuring my work.


Berghaus on Facebook

The Berghaus Facebook page promoting their new women’s Tephra Reflect Jacket, featuring my work.


Berghaus clothing company on Instagram

Berghaus Instagram page promoting their clothing, featuring my artwork.


The ‘Time to Get Out’ campaign signals a new direction for the brand, and you can see my artwork on the BERGHAUS, COTSWOLD OUTDOORS, BLACKS, MILLETS, ULTIMATE OUTDOORS, AMAZON websites, at various associated outdoor events and stores, and on advertising hoardings throughout the UK, and at the 2019 Keswick mountain festival

It was great to be involved.


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BERGHAUS Advertising Artwork Project