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Pet Portraits

Painting a pet portrait is a real privilege for me as an artist, and commissioning a pet portrait is easier than you think. My portraits are hand painted over many hours using reference photos to accurately capture the unique character of your treasured pet - To find out more about commissioning your own pet portrait go to my commissions information page here >>

wheelchair and dog painting

"Margaret and Bill"
20" by 16"  Sold
A touching portrait of two best friends... view larger version

Jack Russell painting

16" by 12"  Sold
Buster is a beautifully cheeky little Jack Russell, painted here in the Brecon Beacons... view larger version

whippet dog painting

20" by 16"  Sold
Holly, a beautiful Whippet standing on the beach... view larger version

Painting of a Border Collie

16" by 12"  Sold
Sally, a beautiful border collie sadly passed away... view larger version

Cat Portrait

"Beci's Crew"
24" by 18"  Sold
Three cheeky characters, and a joy to paint... view larger version

Painting of a Dog

24" by 18"  Sold
Meg, posing beautifully in the sunshine... view larger version

Pet portrait painting of two beagles

"Stella and Gideon"
20" by 16"  Sold
Stella and Gideon, two beautiful beagle pet portraits... view larger version

Painting of Labrador Puppy

"Lab Pup"
16" by 12"  Sold
A pet portrait artists perfect subject... view larger version

Cat portrait painting

30" by 20"  Sold
Pusscat Wizzy Willums, a great name for a great cat... view larger version

Boxer Dog portrait painting

8" by 6"  Sold
Bruno the Boxer dog was a beautiful dog to painy... view larger version

Collie dog and Cocker Spaniel painting

"Rosie, Twinkle and Ringo"
30" by 20"  Sold
Rosie, Twinkle and Ringo, two Collie dogs and a Cocker Spaniel painting... view larger version

Weimaraner painting

16" by 12"  Sold
Weimaraner portrait painting of Bailey, a commissioned painting... view larger version

Cat pet portrait painting

20" by 16"  Sold
Cat portrait painting of Ben, a beautiful black and white... view larger version

Dog pet portrait painting of a schnawzer

20" by 16"  Sold
Dog pet portrait painting of a beautiful schnauzer... view larger version

Painting of a Spaniel

24" by 18"  Sold
A retired working dog, Sprockett was a joy... view larger version

Cow Painting

"One Of The Girls"
24" by 18"  Sold
Frieda, lush spring grass and warm sunshine... view larger version

Curious Cow Painting

"Curious Cow"
24" by 18"  Sold
Curiosity and character, cows are such fun to paint... view larger version

chihuahua painting

8" by 6"  Sold
Ruby was a beautiful little chihuahua who lived in Korea... view larger version

Painting of a Calf

10" by 8" = £190
Tuesday is belongs to a friend and lives in NZ... view larger version

oil painting of a Lamb in sunshine

"New Beginning"
16" by 12" = £375
Summer sunshine warms this little lamb painting... view larger version


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