Welsh Artists Paintings Archive

A selection of my past Welsh paintings covering a variety of themes. These are sold artworks, and as such are not available to purchase. If you are interested in something similar you can commission a special one-off hand painted landscape painting, wildlife painting or a pet portrait painting from wherever you are in the world, just follow the steps here to commission your own painting.

West Wales Landscape

"View to Frenni Fawr", 24x18 inch, oil

Pentre Ifan Painting

"Pentre Ifane Painting", 16x12 inch, oil

Freshwater West Painting

"Freshwater West, Pembs", 30x12 inch, oil

Snowdonia painting

"Near Porthmadog, Snowdonia", 24x18inch, oil

Llwyngwair lodge painting

"Llwyngwair Lodge", 20x16inch, oil

Aberport painting

"Aberporth", 10x8inch, oil

Aberporth beach painting

"Aberporth Beach", 16x12inch, oil

Aberporth oil painting

"Aberporth Painting", 16x12inch, oil

Camusdarach painting scotland

"Camusdarach Beach", 16x12inch, oil

Barn owl painting

"Barn Owl", 16x12inch, oil

Bedd Morris painting

"Bedd Morris", 30x20inch, oil

Nepalese painting

"Best Friends", 24x18inch, oil

Cardigan painting

"Cardigan Boats", 16x12inch, oil

Cairfai painting

"Caerfai Pembs", 16x12inch, oil

Cardigan Bridge painting

"Cardigan Bridge", 30x12inch, oil

Cardigan Island painting

"Cardigan Island", 16x12inch, oil

Prince Charles quay cardigan painting

"Cardigan Quay", 16x12inch, oil

Carreg Cennan Castle painting

"Carreg Cennan Castle", 30x20inch, oil

Ceibwr bay painting

"Ceibwr Bay", 16x12inch, oil

Preseli mountains painting

"Preseli View", 16x12inch, oil

House commission painting

"House Commission", 30x20inch, oil

Cat and girl painting

"Day Dreamers", 24x18inch, oil

Dinas Island painting

"Dinas Island", 24x18inch, oil

Doithie Valley painting

"Doithie Valley", 16x12inch, oil

Dolgoch hostel painting

"Dolgoch Hostel", 16x12inch, oil

Cambrian mountains painting

"Dolgoch Gateway", 24x18inch, oil

Cambrian mountain painting

"Cambrian Mountains", 16x12inch, oil

Dunraven bay painting

"Dunraven Bay", 30x20inch, oil

Snowy wood painting

"First Steps", 40x20inch, oil

Flying puffin painting

"Final Approach", 16x12inch, oil

Welsh lambs painting

"First lambs", 24x18inch, oil

Fishguar painting

"Fishguard Lower", 20x16inch, oil

Fishguard lower harbour painting

"Lower Harbour Fishguard", 24x18inch, oil

Fishing boat at Cardigan painting

"Fishing Boats", 16x12inch, oil

Fishing boat painting

"Fishing Boat", 16x12inch, oil

Fox painting

"Foxy Lady", 30x20inch, oil

Freshwater West painting

"Freshwater West", 30x12inch, oil

Garn Fawr painting

"Garn Fawr View", 16x12inch, oil

Painting of Cardigan Wales

"Quay Street, Cardigan", 16x12inch, oil

Fishing Painting

"Gone Fishing", 24x18inch, oil

New Zealand Lochmara painting

"Lochmara NZ", 36x24inch, oil

Gwbert eastuary painting

"Gwbert Estuary", 16x12inch, oil

Halfmmon Bay Australia painting

"Halfmoon Bay OZ", 36x24inch, oil

Frenni Fawr painting

"Frenni Fawr", 24x18inch, oil

Indian Holy man painting

"Indian Holy Man", 24x18inch, oil

Portrait painting of a man

"Portrait Jim", 16x12inch, oil

Man portrait painting

"Portrait John", 16x12inch, oil

Llangrannog painting

"Llangrannog", 30x20inch, oil

Lion painting

"The Boss", 16x12inch, oil

Llangrannog coast painting

"Llangrannog Coast", 24x18inch, oil

Llangrannong painting Wales

"Llangrannog Painting", 30x24inch, oil

Llangrannog from Ynys Lochtyn painting

"Llangrannog", 20x16inch, oil

Flat Rock Cardigan painting

"Flat Rock Patch", 16x12inch, oil

Milford Sound painting

"Milford Sound", 10x8inch, oil

Milford Sound oil painting

"Mitre Peak Milford", 10x5inch, oil

Cow painting

"Moove Along", 24x18inch, oil

Okarito Lagoon painting

"Okarito Lagoon", 10x5inch, oil

Mwnt Ceredigion painting

"Bay To Remember", 16x12inch, oil

Painting of Mwnt

"Mwnt Painting 1", 16x12inch, oil

Mwnt painting

"Mwnt Painting 2", 24x18inch, oil

Nepalese painting

"Basket Girl", 24x18inch, oil

Nepalese portrait painting

"Nepalese Girl", 20x16inch, oil

New Quay Wales painting

"New Quay", 24x18inch, oil

Newport Pembrokeshire painting

"Newport Parrog", 16x12inch, oil

Newport painting

"Newport Pembs", 16x12inch, oil

Newport Parrog painting

"Newport Wales", 16x12inch, oil

New Zealand painting

"New Zealand", 20x16inch, oil

Old man painting

"Old Lao Man", 20x16inch, oil

Tryfan painting

"Tryfan Snowdonia", 36x24inch, oil

Newport Harbour painting

"Newport Reflections", 16x12inch, oil

Picton Ferry and harbour painting

"Picotn Ferry", 36x24inch, oil

Garn Fawr view painting Pembrokeshire

"Garn Fawr", 24x18inch, oil

Ruined Welsh Farmhouse

"Long Gone", 16x12 inch, oil

Highland Cow Painting

"The Highland Life", 24x18 inch, oil

Green Bridge of Wales Painting

"Green Bridge of Wales", 30x20 inch, oil

Pentre Ifan painting

"Pentre Ifan", 16x12inch, oil

Picton Harbour NZ painting

"Picton Harbour", 10x5inch, oil

Poppit Sands beach painting

"Poppit Sands", 24x18inch, oil

Preseli Bluestone painting

"Preseli Bluestones", 16x12inch, oil

Pembrokeshire stones painting

"Pembrokeshire Hills", 30x12inch, oil

Welsh sheep painting

"Mountain Lady", 16x12inch, oil

Puffin painting

"Puffin", 16x12inch, oil

Skomer Puffin painting

"Fitz The Bill", 16x12inch, oil

Puffin on rocks painting

"Puffins Rock", 16x12inch, oil

Cardigan town painting

"Quiet Reflections", 16x12inch, oil

Red kites over Wales painting

"Red Kites Over Wales", 40x20inch, oil

Mwnt harbour painting

"Reflecting on Mwnt", 30x12inch, oil

Ruby red boat painting

"Ruby", 30x20inch, oil

Red fishing boat painting

"Ruby Reflections", 24x18inch, oil

Stumble Head painting

"Strumble Head", 16x12inch, oil

Summer at Mwnt painting

"Summer At Mwnt", 30x18inch, oil

Aberporth painting

"Aberporth", 16x12inch, oil

Patch painting

"Patch Cardigan", 16x12inch, oil

Newport in Pembrokeshire painting

"Newport Parrog", 16x12inch, oil

Tarrot card painting

"Tarrot Commission", 16x12inch, oil

Tawny owl painting

"Tawny Owl", 16x12inch, oil

Siberian tiger painting

"The Siberian Tiger", 20x16inch, oil

Ceibwr Bay tractor painting

"Ceibwr Tractor", 16x12inch, oil

Tresaith painting

"Tresaith Beach", 24x18inch, oil

Ty'n Cornel hostel painting

"Ty'n Cornell Hostel", 20x16inch, oil

Ty Canol Pembrokeshire painting

"Ty Canol Preseli", 16x12inch, oil

Cambrian mountains painting

"Cambrian Mountains", 24x18inch, oil

Waihopai Valley New Zealand painting

"Waihopai Valley NZ", 40x20inch, oil

West Wales painting

"Morning Walk Wales", 24x18inch, oil

Albatross painting

"Wave Rider", 36x12inch, oil

Barley Girl painting

"Barley Girl", 124x18inch, oil

Mwnt in Wales painting

"Wonderful Mwnt", 16x12inch, oil

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