Wildlife Paintings For Sale

Since childhood I've been an enthusiast of the natural world and a wildlife artist, my wildlife paintings are an expression of this. I mainly paint the wildlife of Wales and Great Britain. If you would like to commission your own bespoke wildlife painting please contact me to discuss your ideas, to find out more about the process go to my painting commissions page >>

Red Fox painting

"Foxy Lady"
30" by 20" red dot
A red fox paiting inspired by our local fox family...view painting

Puffin painting

"Fitz the Bill"
16" by 12"  red dot
Fitz lives on Skomer Island, off the coast of Wales...view painting

Duckling painting

"Little Paddler"
14" by 10" = £250
A little duckling happily paddling around the pond...view painting

Albatross painting

"Sky Sailor"
36" by 24"  red dot
Original Albatross painting, soaring the ocean waves... view painting

Red Deer painting

"Brief Encounter"
30" by 12" = £430
Original painting of Red Deer, a magnificent stag and two hinds... view painting

Tawny owl painting

"Tawny Owl"
16" by 12" = £270
The elusive Tawny owl, a beautiful bird of prey... view painting

Fox painting

"Want To Bee My Friend"
30" by 20"  red dot
The Fox and the Bumble Bee get introduced... view painting

Barn owl painting

"Vantage Point"
24" by 18" = £420
The beautiful British barn owl... view painting

Puffins painting

"Homecoming, The Wick, Skomer"
24" by 18" = £420
Puffins at The Wick, Skomer island... view painting

painting of a Puffin

"Puffins Rock"
16" by 12" red dot
A charming little Puffin sitting on a rock... view painting

painting of a British Kingfisher

"The Angler"
30" by 12" = £420
The stunning little Kingfisher, a joy to paint... view painting

oil painting of a barn owl

"Barn To Be Wild"
16" by 16" red dot
One of the UK's most beguiling birds... view painting

oil painting of a kingfisher

16" by 12" = £270
Kingfishers, one of the Uk's most colourful birds... view painting

kingfisher painting

"The Jewel of the Teifi"
16" by 12" = £270
Little iridescent bolts of lightening... view painting

painting of a red squirrel

"Squirrel Nutkin"
16" by 12" = £270
A cheeky red squirrel amongst the conifers... view painting

oil painting of a puffin against a dark cliff background

16" by 12" =  red dot
Beautiful coloured puffin against a dark cliff face... view painting

Welsh puffins painting

"Clear to Land"
40" by 20" = £650
Large Panoramic puffin painting, Welsh wildlife... view painting

oil painting of three puffins

"Permission to Land"
40" by 20" = £650
This dramatic puffin painting is the scene... view painting

oil painting of puffins

"Final Approach"
16" by 12" =  red dot
Colourful characters, Skomer Island puffins... view painting

oil painting of a skomer island puffin

16" by 12" = £270
Balod, Welsh for puffin, inspired by Skomer island... view painting

oil painting of a Siberian tiger

"Wild at Heart"
24" by 18" = £420
Beautiful Amur Tiger painting, the largest of all cats... view painting

Duckling painting

"Little Swimmer"
14" by 10" =  red dot
Little fluffy duckling going for a swim... view painting

badger painting

"The Wanderer"
12" by 10" = £240
Painted for the cover of Welsh wildlife magazine... view painting

painting of two badgers

"Bluebells and Badgers"
24" by 18" =  red dot
Badgers in a bluebell woodland scene... view painting

painting of a orangutan

"Bad Hair Day"
24" by 18" = £415
Endangered wildlife, a mother and baby Orangutan painting... view painting


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