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Filmed on my painting adventures, short plein air pochade box painting videos – Visit my Youtube channel to subscribe and watch more videos.


Filmed on a blustery west Wales late summer’s day, high up in Pembrokeshire’s Preseli Mountains, near Dinas, which is not far from Newport Pembs. I have a clever little bracket that is fitted to the underside of my pochade box, which in turn connects to my tripod and allows me to effectively turn my tripod into a easel. Sounds grand of course, but it can be tricky when there is a gale blowing and my whole setup is wobbling around like you can see in this video – still great fun though.



Patch beach, also know and Gwbert beach, is the opposite side of the river Teifi to Poppit beach, and is where the river Teifi meets the sea and meets Cardigan Bay. Sometimes when I’ve been working in my studio all morning, I look out of the window to see the sun shining, grab my paints and head down to the beach for a couple of hours painting; this was one of those days.



This painting is the one featured on my home page, painted on the same beach as in the video above, this is a second fishing boat study in oils. It’s always great fun painting boats, although of course, boats are notoriously tricky to paint: the main problem artists face is getting the shape of the hull correct, or at least convincing. As with most things in life, the key to success is to practice, and to paint a lot of boats.



It was such a beautiful day in Pembrokeshire, instead of painting in the studio I grabbed my paints and headed out into the garden. There are many sizes of pochade box available, from tiny pocket-size ones, to ones much larger than my own. The one I use here I have had for years, and it can take up to three 14 x 10 inch painting boards. Find out where to get your own pochade box here.



Portrait painting step-by-step demo. Painting a portrait is not just painting a face; it’s much more than that. I painted this portrait many years ago, in fact it was one of my first portraits, and I was inspired my a photograph in a magazine and this is my interpretation that image.



The video above was made in one morning using a free program called Youtube Movie Maker. This is free software that anyone can download, and enables you to create/make/edit YouTube video from your own videos/movies, pictures/photos, audios/music, texts, lyrics, subtitles, etc. The video is a montage of my own paintings set to a soundtrack of my own guitar playing. Find out more about making your own painting videos on my blog here How To Make Your Own Painting Video.


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