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Welsh Landscape Paintings For Sale - Gallery 1

Landscape paintings of Wales, Welsh art inspired by the beautiful counties of Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion, Carmarthenshire and surrounding areas. Free delivery to UK mainland destinations on all unframed paintings - For information about the process of commissioning a landscape painting, please go to my commissions information page here >>

Mwnt summer flowers painting

"Mwnt, Summer Flowers"
30" by 18"   = £480
Mwnt and it's beautiful beach in west Wales... view painting

moove along cow painting

"Moove Along"
24" by 18"   = £425
Dairy cows crossing the road, a rural traffic jam... view painting

New Quay painting

"Stroll Along the Pier, New Quay"
16" by 12"   = £270
A painting of New Quay in west Wales... view painting

Fishguard painting

"Fishguard Painting"
16" by 12"   = £270
Fishguard harbour, one of Wales most beautiful natural harbours... view painting

Oil painting of a sunset in a woodland

"Sunset Woodland Walk"
24" by 18"   = £415
Walking up the path toward the sunset... view painting

Welsh painting of a winter rural landscape scene in oils

"Mid Winter Morning"
36" by 24"   = £650
Welsh painting of a winter morning scene... view painting

Welsh painting landscape

"The Path Less Traveled"
24" by 18"   = £415
Welsh landscape painting high up in the Preselis... view painting

Winter Snow Painting

"Winter Wanderlust"
16" by 11.5"   = £265
Off on adventures together in the snow... view painting

Snow Painting

"Winter Wonderland"
12.5" by 8.5"   = £240
A winter painting that takes the viewer for a walk... view painting

Winter Snow Painting

"The Warm Glow Of Winter"
40" by 20"   = £675
A warm sky and fresh snow, perfect for a walk... view painting

Mwnt West Wales Painting

"Mwnt Church"
24" by 18"  red dot
A popular place to get married, Mwnt church...... view painting

Mwnt Beach West Wales Painting

"Secret Bay, Mwnt"
16" by 12"   = £270
A beautiful Welsh secret bay, Mwnt...... view painting

Newport West Wales Painting

"Reflecting on Beautiful Newport"
16" by 12"   = £265
Newport in Pembrokeshire, a truly beautiful place... view painting

Parrog Newport West Wales Painting

"Parrog, Newport"
16" by 12"   = £270
The Parrog in Newport, Pembrokeshire West Wales... view painting

Preseli Mountain Painting

"Preseli Mountains"
30" by 12"  red dot
Painting of the Preseli mountains and dramatic views... view painting

New Quay Painting

"Peaceful Reflection, New Quay"
24" by 18"   = £415
A painting of New Quay 'Cei Newydd', Ceredigion... view painting

Freshwater West Painting

"Rock Pools at Freshwater West"
30" by 12"  red dot
Painting of Freshwater West in Pembrokeshire... view painting

Tresaith painting

"Breaking Waves, Tresaith"
16" by 12"   = £270
A painting of wonderful Tresaith beach in Ceredigion... view painting

Mwnt Painting

"Sunshine at Mwnt"
36" by 24"   = £640
Warmth and summer sunshine at Mwnt beach... view painting

Painting of Ceibwr Bay

"Ceibwr Bay Cliffs"
16" by 12"   = £270
A painting of dramatic Ceibwr Bay, looking south... view painting

Llangrannog Beach Painting

"Llangrannog Beach"
24" by 18"   = £415
Llangrannog's beautiful and inviting beach... view painting

Newport Painting

"Newport, Nevern Estuary"
24" by 18"   = £420
Painting of Newport's Nevern river in Pembrokeshire... view painting

Abercastle Painting

"Abercastle, Pembrokeshire"
24" by 18"   = £415
A painting of wonderful Abercastle in Pembs... view painting

Cenarth Falls Painting

"The River Teifi at Cenarth"
16" by 12"   = £270
A painting of Cenarth in warm evening sunshine... view painting

Red Phonebox Painting

"Calling Long Distance"
16" by 12"   = £265
The most remote phonebox in Wales... view painting

Painting of Garn Fawr

"Garn Fawr, Pembrokeshire"
24" by 18"   = £415
The view from Garn Fawr in Pembrokeshire... view painting

Cambrian Mountains Painting

"Dolgoch Landscape"
16" by 12"   = £270
High up in the Cambrian mountains of Wales... view painting

Poppit Beach Painting

"Poppit Beach,West Wales"
24" by 18"  red dot
Wonderful Poppit beach here on the west coast... view painting

Painting of Tresaith

"Tresaith Beach Wales"
30" by 24"   = £620
Looking down onto Tresaith beach, in Ceredigion... view painting

Painting of Cenarth Bridge

"Cenarth Bridge, Ceredigion"
24" by 18"   = £415
Painting of Cenarth bridge & majestic river Teifi... view painting

Fishguard Harbour Painting

"Fishguard Fishermen"
16" by 12"   = £270
Painting of Fishguard and it's historic harbour... view painting

Highland Cows Painting

"The Highland Life"
24" by 18"  red dot
Highland cattle in the uplands of West Wales... view painting

Green Gridge of wales Painting

"The Green Bridge of Wales"
30" by 20"  red dot
The dramatic green bridge of Wales... view painting

Lighthouse Painting

"Morning Light, Strumble"
36" by 24"   = £675
The stoic lighthouse at Strumble Head bathed in sunshine... view painting

Ceibwr Bay Painting

"Sea Pinks at Ceibwr Bay"
36" by 24"   = £675
Ceibwr Bay painting, with it's ancient folding rocks... view painting

Painting of Cardigan Bridge

"Cardigan Bridge & the River Teifi"
24" by 18"   = £415
After winding for many miles down the Teifi valley... view painting

Fishing Painting

"Going Fishing, Gwbert, Cardigan"
24" by 18"  red dot
Just before the river Teifi reaches Poppit Beach... view painting

Painting of Wales

"West Wales"
24" by 18" = £415
Welsh painting of a autumn farmland lane... view painting

Landscape Gallery 2 >

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