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Inspired by a family of foxes I’ve been watching playing and feeding in the field behind my house here in Cilgerran, I created this fox painting. It’s quite a large painting at 30×20 inches, and painted on stretched canvas. I’ve included the different stages the fox painting went through here as photographs, so you can see how the painting evolved from start to finish.

1) Stage one

fox painting work in progress 1

2) Stage two

fox painting work in progress 2

3) Stage three

fox painting work in progress 5

4) Stage four

fox painting work in progress 6

5) Stage five, addition of a little bumble bee

fox painting work in progress 7

6) The finishd fox painting

fox painting in oils

7) Stage seven, fox painting framed up

fox painting framed

8) The finished fox painting framed and hanging on my studio wall.

fox painting hanging on wall

30×20 inches, original oil on canvas ( frame optional extra ).

This painting is available to buy here – fox painting for sale.


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Fox Painting, Step by Step Demo