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Chris Chalk

Working in oils, I am professional British artist specialising in traditional hand painted landscape paintings, pet portraits and wildlife paintings of UK species. On this website you will discover original oil paintings for sale, giclée prints for sale, or you can commission your own unique original oil painting - just contact me with your enquiry.

Skokholm Island Bird Observatory paintings

Skokholm Island Wildlife Paintings

Skokholm Island Wildlife Paintings I had the pleasure of being invited back to Skokholm Island Bird Observatory, off the coast of Pembrokeshire, this year (May 2023) to paint the latest ‘rare bird’ to turn up on the island. The Tennessee Warbler was, as the name suggests a long way from home, when it was seen on the Welsh island last… Read More »Skokholm Island Wildlife Paintings

Skokholm bird observatory artwork

Skokholm Bird Observatory Artwork

Skokholm Island Bird Observatory Artwork As is the tradition on Skokholm Island, where I spent 7 wonderful days last week (May 2022), the finder of rare birds paints them for posterity on the toilet wall (These days, due to renovations and modernisation of the observatory buildings, the ‘toilet wall’ is a removable board that hangs on the original toilet wall,… Read More »Skokholm Bird Observatory Artwork

Painting Videos in Wales

Oil Painting Videos, Painting Outdoors In Wales

Filmed on my painting adventures, short plein air pochade box painting videos – Visit my Youtube channel to subscribe and watch more videos.   Filmed on a blustery west Wales late summer’s day, high up in Pembrokeshire’s Preseli Mountains, near Dinas, which is not far from Newport Pembs. I have a clever little bracket that is fitted to the underside of my… Read More »Oil Painting Videos, Painting Outdoors In Wales

Berghaus website art

BERGHAUS Advertising Artwork Project

I was recently commissioned by the outdoor clothing company Berghaus to produce some original artwork for their 2018/2019 #timetogetout advertising campaign. They needed four original oil paintings featuring mountainous landscapes, to be used across all types of advertising media. Here’s the campaign as described by Chris Tattersall, head of brand management at Berghaus: “A major new brand advertising campaign by… Read More »BERGHAUS Advertising Artwork Project

How To Repair A Damaged Or Ripped Canvas Painting

No matter how careful we are with our artwork, canvas paintings can get damaged. Some of the most famous paintings in the world have sustained damage over the years and have needed repairs made to the canvas. What at first can seem like a complete disaster, is in fact usually repairable, so let me show you how to fix a… Read More »How To Repair A Damaged Or Ripped Canvas Painting

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6 Tips That Will Save You Money When You Frame Your Paintings

One of the biggest costs when exhibiting your artwork is the cost of the framing. High quality professionally made frames, which are exactly what you want, don’t come cheap. There are however some simple things you can do to keep those costs down and make the most out of your money. Tip 1)  Paint on standard size canvases – Unless… Read More »6 Tips That Will Save You Money When You Frame Your Paintings

The Importance of Life Drawing | Guest Post by Artist Bern Ross

Life Line The new art student walks into the college studio and is confronted with a naked person. Here is nude person standing in the middle of the room, staring out the window and surrounded by about a dozen easels, occupied by some familiar people who are drawing intently. “Draw what you see,” says the tutor intermittently, “not what you… Read More »The Importance of Life Drawing | Guest Post by Artist Bern Ross

How To Varnish A Painting

Let me start by saying, there is no actual need to varnish a completed oil painting if you don’t want to. Oil paintings dry to a very robust finish, and I know many professional artists that sell all of their paintings un-varnished. However, varnishing a painting can make a considerable difference to it’s final appearance; enhancing its darks and lights, evening out contrasting shiny and matt… Read More »How To Varnish A Painting

how to paint with acrylics

How To Paint With Acrylics, Starting Out | Guest Post by Artist Karen Berisford

Looking to start out with acrylic paints and not sure what you need or where to start? This article offers advice to those looking to start out with Acrylics and also offers further help and advice for taking your paintings up a notch. Acrylic paints are a versatile medium being able to mix them to different consistencies and use them… Read More »How To Paint With Acrylics, Starting Out | Guest Post by Artist Karen Berisford

A simple sketch of a TP52, 'Sorcha', using acrylic paper and HB pencil.

The Painting Glass Is ALWAYS Half Full | Guest Post by Artist Ian Holtedahl-Finlay

Last night I had arranged to give my daughter’s best friend some tuition. She’s crazy-keen on art and had been given some acrylic paints but didn’t really know what to do with them. I work in oils and watercolours. I have some acrylics but they remain unused in a drawer at the moment. I hoped this wasn’t going to be… Read More »The Painting Glass Is ALWAYS Half Full | Guest Post by Artist Ian Holtedahl-Finlay

dennis sheehan

3 Youtube Painting Videos Every Artist Should Watch

Over the last 10 years Youtube has become increasingly popular worldwide, and is now the second largest search engine, after Google. For artists, Youtube in an invaluable source of information and education about every aspect of painting, drawing, sculpture, and every other art form there is. I’m sure that as you’re reading this blog post, you’re already familiar with Youtube… Read More »3 Youtube Painting Videos Every Artist Should Watch

Youtube video editor

How To Make Your Own Painting Video

Instead of painting today, I spent the morning trying out some new software called Youtube Movie Maker. This is FREE software that anyone can download, and enables you to create/make/edit YouTube video from your own videos/movies, pictures/photos, audios/musics, texts, lyrics, subtitles, etc. Get the software here. Once you’ve made your video, you can upload it straight to Youtube from within the software,… Read More »How To Make Your Own Painting Video

fox painting work in progress 7

Fox Painting, Step by Step Demo

Inspired by a family of foxes I’ve been watching playing and feeding in the field behind my house here in Cilgerran, I created this fox painting. It’s quite a large painting at 30×20 inches, and painted on stretched canvas. I’ve included the different stages the fox painting went through here as photographs, so you can see how the painting evolved… Read More »Fox Painting, Step by Step Demo

chris chalk painting wales

Outdoor Painting in Wales (Plein Air)

There’s nothing quite like painting outdoors, immersed in nature with the sun of your face as you paint. It’s a very different experience to painting indoors. One of the things you quickly learn when you paint outdoors is that you have to speed up. It’s all too easy when you paint indoors to take a long time thinking about your next brush stroke,… Read More »Outdoor Painting in Wales (Plein Air)

Barn Owl painting UK

Barn Owl Painting

Barn owls aren’t as widespread in the UK as they once were, diminishing suitable hunting habitat as a result of modern intensive farming methods being just one of the reasons. However, if you go to the right place at the right time of day, you have a very good chance of seeing them, and it’s always a complete thrill when you… Read More »Barn Owl Painting

kingfisher painting in oils

Kingfisher Painting in Oils

Kingfishers are mesmerising little birds, usually only seen flying past at break-neck speed. Our local wildlife centre here in Cilgerran in west Wales has a healthy population of kingfishers and we’re lucky enough to see them regularly.  I’ve painted kingfishers before, but this kingfisher painting was a little different and an exciting challenge. See below the stages as the oil painting progressed from start to finish…

New Zealand Art Exhibition – Xmas 2015

I’m thrilled to have some of my work on display in New Zealand at the Marlborough Art Society’s Members’ Holiday Exhibition 2015/16. Exhibition Season: 19th December to 3rd January (closed Christmas Day and New Years Day): Open 10.30am – 4.30pm. Contact The Marlborough Gallery: 204 High Street P.O.Box 1136 Blenheim Marlborough Telephone : 00 64 (0)3 577 6784 Website : Email… Read More »New Zealand Art Exhibition – Xmas 2015