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Chris Chalk

Working in oils, I am professional British artist specialising in traditional hand painted landscape paintings, pet portraits and wildlife paintings of UK species. On this website you will discover original oil paintings for sale, giclée prints for sale, or you can commission your own unique original oil painting - just contact me with your enquiry.

30 Funny Art Cartoons, Memes, Images and Art Quotes

We’ve all seen those art based funny images, memes, and info-graphics as we surf the internet. Some make us laugh, some make us sad, some inspire us, …and some just make us cringe. Below are 30 of the funniest and most thought provoking I’ve seen, gathered in one place for your perusal, enjoy!  1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7)… Read More »30 Funny Art Cartoons, Memes, Images and Art Quotes

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Stainless Steel Brush Washer – Why It’s The Best Brush Cleaner You Can Get

I bought a couple of Winsor & Newton brushes once, they cost me about five pounds each and I ruined them in about a week. Oil painters don’t need expensive brushes, watercolour painters yes, it definitely helps, but oil painters, no – That said, an oil painter does need clean brushes. If you use a dirty brush to mix your… Read More »Stainless Steel Brush Washer – Why It’s The Best Brush Cleaner You Can Get

How to Commission a Painting

Commissioning your own painting is easier than you think, and the term ‘commissioning’ simply means that you contact an artist and ask them to create a painting specifically for you, whether that painting is a landscape, animal, portrait, or pet portrait e.t.c ..rather than buying a pre-existing painting that an artist has previously painted. 1) Why Commission a Painting There are many… Read More »How to Commission a Painting

Kingfisher British

Kingfisher Photographs & Video

Kingfishers ( Alcedo atthis ) are surely one of Britain’s most beautiful birds, and the Teifi valley here in west Wales has a very healthy population. Of all the UK’s birds the kingfisher is perhaps the most unmistakable for any other species, no other UK bird has the iridescence or blue turquoise colouring of a kingfisher. Usually seen near fresh water… Read More »Kingfisher Photographs & Video

The Powerhouse in Llandysul

Pwerdy Powerhouse Llandysul – Summer Art Exhibition

This year the Pwerdy Powerhouse in Llandysul, Carmarthenshire is having it’s first large summer art exhibition, where over 100 local artists, including myself, are exhibiting their artwork for a month. It’s the biggest art show west Wales has ever seen, and was opened by local girl and Welsh celebrity, Sara Edwards. The exhibition is open Monday to Saturday, from the 4th… Read More »Pwerdy Powerhouse Llandysul – Summer Art Exhibition

cardigan artists exhibition

Cardigan Art Society Summer Exhibition

This year the Cardigan Art Society are holding their summer exhibition at the Mwldan theatre in Cardigan. It’s a amazing show, with many talented artists taking part and a wide variety of styles, subjects and mediums on display. Some of the artists exhibiting are:  Myself, Glenn Ibbitson, David Clinch, Dick Evans, David Beattie, Carole King, Helen Rowlands, Lyndon Thomas & Marion Vare… amongst others. Cardigan Art Society is… Read More »Cardigan Art Society Summer Exhibition

puffin UK

Skomer Island Puffin Watching

Skomer Island’s reputation as a sea bird paradise is world renowned, and although I’ve lived in West Wales most of my life I’d never managed to make the short boat trip over to see the puffin, until this summer, when I have been lucky enough to visit twice. In June and July the puffins come to Skomer to breed, and… Read More »Skomer Island Puffin Watching

Welsh Wildlife Centre Pembrokeshire

Welsh Wildlife Centre | Art For Sale

I’m thrilled to now have a selection of my original artworks and fine art prints permanently on display and for sale at the Welsh Wildlife Centre in Cilgerran, Pembrokeshire – you’ll discover local welsh landscape paintings as well as welsh wildlife paintings, including my recent Skomer puffin paintings. This stunning centre in the peaceful Teifi Marshes nature reserve is fantastic for… Read More »Welsh Wildlife Centre | Art For Sale

Pendre art gallery and cafe in Cardigan

Pendre Art Gallery in Cardigan

I’m thrilled to now have my work exhibited at the Pendre Art Gallery in Cardigan. Situated at the top of the main shopping street in Cardigan, the Pendre provides a window on the world of contemporary art in West Wales, and is a stylish gallery and café. Pendre Art Gallery in Cardigan, West Wales. Exhibiting at the Pendre Art Gallery… Read More »Pendre Art Gallery in Cardigan

Puffin Painting in Oils, Stage by Stage.

We recently took a boat trip to wonderful Skomer Island, an island off the coast of Pembrokeshire, here in west Wales. Skomer is known as one of the best places to see puffin worldwide, and we weren’t disappointed; there was literally 10’s of thousands of nesting pairs. Suitably inspired, I’ve been busy painting puffins ever since, using some of our photographs taken… Read More »Puffin Painting in Oils, Stage by Stage.

how to photograph your artwork

How To Photograph Your Artwork And Get Professional Results

With all the advanced camera equipment around today you’d think taking high quality photographs of your paintings would be an easy thing to do, in fact it’s more difficult than it first appears. The quality of your final image is going to be somewhat dependant on the quality of your camera equipment. However, you do not need to spend lots… Read More »How To Photograph Your Artwork And Get Professional Results

jackson pollack studio

Why You Need To Keep Work Space Tidy

Working in a complete shambles of a studio might feel very ‘arty’ and freeing, but if you’re trying to run a successful business and keep your paintings and your painting gear in top condition, it’s not the best way to go. We’ve all seen photographs of Jackson Pollack’s studio ( crikey! ) –  (  Jackson Pollack at work in his studio ) …and check out Francis Bacon’s studio (… Read More »Why You Need To Keep Work Space Tidy

gridding up a photograph 9

How To Transfer A Photograph To Your Canvas or Paper For Painting

So you’ve just taken the most amazing photograph of a Tiger at the zoo and you would quite like to paint it – great! Now if only there were an easy way of transferring your tiger photo onto your canvas/paper so you can, and that didn’t involve a lot of maths or drawing lots of tiny gridded squares everywhere. Well… Read More »How To Transfer A Photograph To Your Canvas or Paper For Painting

master beginner

10 Great Tips That’ll Help You Get Your Art Accepted Into A Gallery

Getting your artwork on display to the public for the first time can seem very daunting, and the thought of wandering into a art gallery carrying some of your prized paintings, only to have the proprietor give them a cursory glance and turn you down, can be very demoralising. Fortunately, with a bit of forward planning, there are some things you… Read More »10 Great Tips That’ll Help You Get Your Art Accepted Into A Gallery

artists paints

How To Start Painting With Oils – 3 Things You Need

Like most other professions, hobbies or pastimes, oil painting comes with a overwhelming array of extra equipment, accessories and latest must-haves, that some people will say you need if you’re serious about making great art. Like most other professions, hobbies or pastimes, you need very little of it.  In fact, you can be at a distinct disadvantage if you own… Read More »How To Start Painting With Oils – 3 Things You Need