plein air painting

chris chalk painting wales

Outdoor Painting in Wales (Plein Air)

There’s nothing quite like painting outdoors, immersed in nature with the sun of your face as you paint. It’s a very different experience to painting indoors. One of the things you quickly learn when you paint outdoors is that you have to speed up. It’s all too easy when you paint indoors to take a long time thinking about your next brush stroke,… Read More »Outdoor Painting in Wales (Plein Air)

pochade box painting

How To Use A Pochade Box, And Where To Get One

  In the video above I’m painting boats at the beach from the comfort of my car –  great fun! What is a pochade box? Unless you paint, you’ve probably never heard of one, but the term ‘Pochade’ is derived from the nineteenth century French verb Pocher, meaning to sketch. A pochade box is essentially a small box, usually made… Read More »How To Use A Pochade Box, And Where To Get One