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Pet Portraits Commissiones Painted from Photographs

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Commissioning a pet portrait is an easy process and I am happy to talk you through it. Creating a pet portrait knowing it is a gift for someone special is a real privilege for me as an artist. My pet portraits are hand painted over many hours, using reference photos to accurately capture the unique character of your treasured pet - Find out more about commissioning a pet portrait painting here.

cat pet portrait in oils

Oil paintings are timeless pieces of art, and have a real vibrancy in colour. The beauty of oil paintings is you can touch it, feel the texture and not have to cover with glass. I use Winsor and Newton artists oils, Artists' Oil Colour is unmatched for its purity, quality and reliability - a success which is reflected in its world-wide reputation amongst professional artists.

There are two options for canvases:

Beci pictured here with her commissioned oil painting of her beautiful cats is an example of a framed 15mm canvas.

Prices vary according to size, and start from £200 - visit my commissions page here for further details.

Pet portrait painting of two beagles

"Stella and Gideon"
20" by 16" Sold
Stella and Gideon, two beautiful beagle pet portraits... view painting

Painting of a Border Collie

16" by 12" Sold
Sally, a beautiful border collie sadly passed away... view painting

Cat Portrait

"Beci's Crew"
24" by 18" Sold
Three cheeky characters, and a joy to paint... view painting

Painting of a Dog

24" by 18" Sold
Meg, posing beautifully in the sunshine... view painting

Painting of Labrador Puppy

"Lab Pup"
16" by 12" Sold
A pet portrait artists perfect subject... view painting

Painting of a Spaniel

24" by 18" Sold
A retired working dog, Sprockett was a joy... view painting


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