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'Hostel Commission' - 'Welsh Mountain Scene'  -  'Milford Sound New Zealand'  -  'Foel Drygarn, Preseli Mountains'
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( Updated 16th April 2014: 'Hostel Commission' started )


welsh hostel painting

Hostel Commission 20'' by 16'' - This is a painting of one of the Elenydd Wilderness hostels, high up in the Cambrian mountains of Wales. In this first stage I've just blocked in the shapes very loosely, in something close to the right colour and tone. The next stage is to refine and adjust what's already here, leaving all the details and highlights until much later.


welsh mountain scene Welsh Painting Welsh Painting

Welsh mountain scene 24'' by 18'' - In the studio at the moment I have a few different paintings in different stages of completion. This one, a scene high up in the Cambrian mountains, is coming along quite nicely so far. I've got most of the painting in there, but I'll let it sit out of sight a while now and come back to look at it with fresh eyes in a couple of days, to re-assess.

*This painting is finished and will be available soon.*

Milford Sound Milford Sound Painting with Mitre Peak

Milford Sound, New Zealand 10'' by 8'' - I've recently returned from a 6 week trip to New Zealand, and my head is full of ideas for a NZ series of paintings. This is my first one, a view of Milford Sound and the famous Mitre Peak, on the south island. This just a small painting, a warmer-upperer.. if you will, this space for more NZ paintings to come.

Preseli Mountains, Foel Drygarn Painting Preseli Mountains, Foel Drygarn Painting

Preseli Mountains, Foel Drygarn to Newport 30'' by 12'' - I walked up Foel Drygarn in the Preseli mountains a couple of weeks ago, and although it was tremendously windy up there, I took some wonderful photographs, looking west to Newport. This panoramic painting is going to be based on that scene.

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