Otter Painting in Oils

On the easel today I have started a new Otter painting in oils, and will post the stages as the painting goes through it’s different stages to completion.

This otter is somewhat of a local celebrity here in Cilgerran and can be seen regularly at our local Cilgerran Wildlife Centre, so you’d think getting some great otter photographs to work from was easy, but not so. I have managed to take some photographs and even a short video of this otter, but the otter photograph I’m using for this painting was taken by a friend.

Stage 1)

otter painting in oils


For the first stage I have put in a loose background using various mixes of burnt sienna, ultra marine blue and raw sienna mostly, with a little white added in places to give light highlight areas. Then using thin paint I have roughed in the basic otter shapes, and using darker paint I’ve put in the shadow areas and areas where the fur will be darker later on.

Stage 2)

otter painting on artists easel

It’s Saturday today, and it’s been a wet day here in West Wales, so I spent the afternoon doing some more work on this otter painting. There is a stage of every oil painting when although you do a lot of actual painting, there seems to be very little change, that’s where we’re at with this otter painting at the moment. I’ve repainted most of the background now, added some subtle reflection in the water, and repainted the otter adding a little more depth and colour. I always use liquin when I’m at this stage of oil painting to speed up drying time, and becasue of that most of today’s work will be touch dry tomorrow ready for another painting session.

Stage 3)

Coming soon!


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