Wildlife painting

fox painting work in progress 7

Fox Painting, Step by Step Demo

Inspired by a family of foxes I’ve been watching playing and feeding in the field behind my house here in Cilgerran, I created this fox painting. It’s quite a large painting at 30×20 inches, and painted on stretched canvas. I’ve included the different stages the fox painting went through here as photographs, so you can see how the painting evolved… Read More »Fox Painting, Step by Step Demo

Barn Owl painting UK

Barn Owl Painting

Barn owls aren’t as widespread in the UK as they once were, diminishing suitable hunting habitat as a result of modern intensive farming methods being just one of the reasons. However, if you go to the right place at the right time of day, you have a very good chance of seeing them, and it’s always a complete thrill when you… Read More »Barn Owl Painting

kingfisher painting in oils

Kingfisher Painting in Oils

Kingfishers are mesmerising little birds, usually only seen flying past at break-neck speed. Our local wildlife centre here in Cilgerran in west Wales has a healthy population of kingfishers and we’re lucky enough to see them regularly.  I’ve painted kingfishers before, but this kingfisher painting was a little different and an exciting challenge. See below the stages as the oil painting progressed from start to finish…