About Me

About Chris and His Art

Chris works as a professional artist from his studio in the beautiful village of Cilgerran, on the borders of Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire, deep in the heart of West Wales.

With a burning desire to create, and a passion for paint, he has the best job in the world.

Welsh Artist Chris Chalk

When I'm not in my studio painting it's usually because I'm out with my camera or my paints, somewhere in the local area, working on ideas and gathering reference material for new paintings.

I have always had a fascination with wildlife, nature and the outdoors, and growing up on a dairy farm in West Wales I spent much of my time roaming the fields and woodlands sketching and painting anything that would stay still long enough to allow me to do so.

However, at 16 I left school, and left home to start work as a gamekeeper on Lord Harlech's estate, in Oswestry Shropshire, where I stayed for two years. At 18 I changing direction completely, and I headed back to college to complete an apprenticeship as a plumber and heating engineer. Over this early period in my life I used to paint and draw when I could, but in truth there were never enough hours in the day, and other things occupied much of my spare time.

Craving adventure, I changed career path again in my early twenties, and joined the Royal Navy as a Marine Engineer, which saw me spend the next five years serving and sailing the seven seas. However, this again unfortunately allowed little time to indulge in my passion for art. I left the armed forces in the late nineties, and left the UK at the same time, grabbing my rucksack to travel south to New Zealand, to live and work for a year. As these things have a habit of doing, one year led to two, then to three, ..and so on, and I stayed south of the equator for the next six years, living in both New Zealand and Australia. Fortunately, I now had more time on my hands, and this is where I was once again able to take up the brush and study art. I moved back to the UK, and back to Wales, in 2004.

The studio full of paintings

My studio paintings are worked up from small oil painting sketches painted out in the field using a pochade box, and from photographs I've taken on my adventures in Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion and further afield in Wales, most often a combination of both. You can see from the paintings on this website that I paint a variety of subjects, and although predominantly a landscape artist I do undertake some pet portrait work.

I strive in all of my paintings to create a unique snap shot of a scene, not one that is photographic and rigid, but one that is painterly and full of marks and brush-strokes that impart a little bit of myself into each artwork.

I work both on a commission basis and as a freelance artist, by that I mean that I paint the subjects that I choose to paint, but I also accept commissions, both landscape and pet portrait.

I hope you enjoy looking around my website, and if you have any questions about me or my work don't hesitate to get in touch.